Common Dental Problems That We Can Help You With

Any conditions that affect oral health or cause mild to severe pain in the mouth are generally referred to as dental problems. You must talk to a dentist if you’re experiencing any signs or issues with your teeth and gums. Hills Family Dental Centre is here to help– a variety of dental treatments are available which may prevent and address oral problems.

Don't Ignore Dental Problems; Our Dental Services Can Help You Achieve a Healthy Smile.

Dental problems can be incredibly uncomfortable and interfere with day-to-day life. It is hard to focus when you have gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, or any fractures in the teeth, particularly when eating.

When these conditions are left unchecked, they can get worse over time and may even lead to more severe complications that may result in irreversible damage or even affect your overall health. That’s why it’s so important to see a dentist if you experience any painful symptoms, so they can address them before the issue worsens.

At Hills Family Dental Centre, we aim for everyone to get on the path to better oral health and restore their smile to live healthily. That’s why we provide excellent care for you and your family. We offer a wide range of dental procedures, from preventative care and general dentistry to restorative services. We know your time is valuable, so we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get you the treatment you need. 

Feel free to ask any questions you may have– the dentists in our dental practice are available to attend whatever your oral health needs.

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Dental Problems We Can Help You With

Several dental problems may occur due to accidents, poor oral hygiene, and other risk factors. But Hills Family Dental Centre in Kalamunda is here to improve such oral health issues, including the following


This condition may bring discomfort in the jaw area and damage the chewing surface due to excessive pressure caused by gnashing the upper and lower teeth. Protect them with our mouthguards that are specially made for you.

Bad Breath

Poor breath can be a result of other dental problems or health conditions. While it may not bring any discomfort to the mouth, it can be a major concern and needs to be addressed. Experience a fresher breath today, and make an appointment with the dental professional in our clinic.

Bleeding Gums

Many factors may trigger gum irritation leading to bleeding, or could be from a recent oral surgery. The dentist in our clinic will assess what could be the reason for this issue in order to provide a treatment plan.

Gum Disease

It is an infection of the gums that typically starts with bacteria from plaque buildup between the gums and teeth. This condition has stages, but we offer treatments, such as deep cleaning, to prevent it from progressing and alleviate pain immediately.

Dry Socket

It usually occurs when the blood clot in the tooth extraction site has dislodged or did not form successfully, bringing throbbing pain and increasing the risk of bacteria or infection in the empty socket. In our clinic, we'll flush out the debris inside and apply a medicated dressing to protect and promote healing.

Stained Teeth

Teeth can become discolored for many reasons, such as the foods and drinks we enjoy daily, smoking habits, and side effects of certain medications. This cosmetic issue can affect your smile's appearance; fortunately, treatment is available to make your smile look bright and clean.

Teeth Sensitivity

When teeth are sensitive, you may feel a sharp pain when they are exposed to hot and cold temperatures. The dentist at Hills Family Dental Centre may apply fluoride or other treatments to strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce discomfort.

Crooked Teeth

They are very common among children and adults; while minor misalignment may not cause an issue, severe cases can make brushing teeth difficult, leading to plaque and decay. If you're looking for a way to enhance the alignment of your teeth or get a straighter smile, our clinic offers clear aligners, veneers, and other services to meet your needs.

Tooth Gaps

If you are concerned about the excessive spaces between your teeth, the dentists in Hills Family Dental Centre have experience hiding these problems and enhancing your smile through various dental services.

Bite Problems

Any misalignment in the upper and lower teeth affects one's bite. Whether you're dealing with an overbite, crossbite, and underbite, our team will create an efficient, tailored plan to move the teeth in the ideal position, improving the overall dentition.

Severe Toothache

A severe toothache can be frustrating and make it hard to focus or sleep. Hence, the general dentist in the office will carefully attend to the problem and perform a treatment right away to ease pain and prevent it from causing serious complications.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

When wisdom teeth are developing, it can be uncomfortable, which is generally normal. But if the pain is extreme, we might recommend extraction to avoid potential damage later. At Hills Family Dental Centre, we know that some people are extremely anxious about having their wisdom teeth removed. That's why we offer sedation options to help the process go smoothly.

Knocked Out Tooth

In most cases, teeth can fall out due to accidents or mouth injury, and it may have some bleeding and pain, so it's highly advised to see an emergency dentist. We are available to provide immediate care to save a knocked-out tooth and find a suitable way to reattach it, or if necessary, we may apply restorative service.

Missing Crown And Fillings

Dental crowns and fillings that loosen or fail expose the inner layer of your tooth. It's important to re-apply them to the teeth as soon as possible. Luckily, the dentist uses advanced equipment to secure them and uses high-quality materials to create new ones.

Dental Abscess

Abscess tooth collects pus that is painful and has an infection. Don't suffer any longer; contact us immediately so the dentist can drain the dental abscess and prevent the infection from spreading.

Chipped / Broken Teeth

We can restore chipped or cracked teeth to prevent bacteria from entering the opening area. We perform dental restorations to improve your smile.

Missing Teeth

Have you recently lost a single or several teeth? No worries, Hills Family Dental Centre has various procedures to replace them as soon as possible, delivering amazing results and regaining your smile back.

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Why Choose Hills Family Dental Centre

When seeking treatment for dental problems, it is important to choose a clinic with skilled and experienced dentists.

Hills Family Dental Centre establishes a dental practice that uses modern dental technology.

We understand that dental treatments typically come with a high cost.

In regards to aiming for excellence in addressing dental problems, Hills Family Dental Centre is an ADA-accredited dental practice.

At Hills Family Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on having gentle professionals and significant experience handling patients with various dental issues. This can make you feel comfortable during your appointment.

We believe that we can provide quality services for all dental problems by investing in state-of-the-art facilities.

Additionally, the dental professionals in our office make an effort to keep themselves updated with the latest information about the dental treatments we offer.

For every patient to receive their required procedure in no time, we have different payment options to make the transaction with us accessible and as convenient as possible so that you can be less-worry about the budget.

This means we are committed to providing outstanding patient care and maintaining high standards of quality and safety for all those who visit our office or have recommended us as their dentist of choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Dental Problems

If you’re ever unsure whether you need to see a dentist, it’s always best to be on the side of caution and make an appointment. Your dentist will be able to assess the situation and determine the necessary action. 

Here are the following scenarios that usually require professional treatment: 

  • Severe toothache that doesn’t go away with over-the-counter pain medication
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that lingers for more than a few days
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Gums that bleed easily or are swollen and tender
  • Teeth that are loosen
  • Persistent jaw pain

Certain serious signs and dental problems may warrant an immediate or sooner than usual visit to see the dentist. For instance, if you have oozing pus from a dental abscess, suffer from trauma in your mouth, or fall out teeth and are in severe pain, they can clear indications that you need prompt treatment. 

You can contact us immediately so we can evaluate your problem.

If you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • If there is any bleeding, it is important to control it as best you can. Clean gauze can be used to apply pressure to the source of the bleeding.
  • If you have a knocked-out tooth, find the piece but avoid holding the roots or the pointy part. Then, store it in a clean container with milk or your saliva.
  • Rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water to alleviate severe toothache.
  • Assessing the extent of the injury is possible.

Good oral hygiene habits are the best way to prevent dental problems. It means brushing the teeth at least twice a day and flossing regularly. 

In addition, it is important to have regular dental examinations and cleanings. This will allow the dentist to identify potential problems and take steps to prevent them from becoming more serious. Wearing a protective mouth guard can also help to prevent damage to the teeth, especially for those who participate in contact sports.

If you can stop bad habits like smoking and using your teeth to open things may lower your risk of teeth damage. By taking these steps, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing dental problems.