Our Technology

Hills Family Dental Centre offers the latest and most innovative dental treatments. Our treatments are comfortable and effective, thanks to modern dental technology.

Conebeam CT Machine

The Conebeam CT Machine creates detailed images of teeth, jaws, and nearby structures using 3D imaging technology. The device rotates around the head, capturing multiple images from various angles, which are then merged to create a 3D model. This model allows dentists to see your dental anatomy from every angle, making it easier to identify problems and plan treatments. The Conebeam CT Machine enables us to offer more precise and personalised dental care.

CEREC Primemill

With the introduction of CEREC Primemill technology, our process of creating dental restorations has been significantly faster and more precise. It transforms digital scans of your teeth into dental restorations in one visit, reducing wait times and follow-up appointments. This milling machine creates durable restorations that fit accurately and comfortably. With the use of CEREC Primemill, we improve the standard of care, making dental visits more efficient and patient-friendly.

CEREC SpeedFire

This is the smallest and fastest sintering furnace, allowing a zirconia crown to be sintered in approximately 14 minutes. CEREC SpeedFire supports various ceramic materials, expanding our treatment options for patients. This advanced capability allows us to offer full-contour zirconia restorations in one visit, significantly enhancing the patient experience. Incorporating CEREC SpeedFire facilitates efficient, high-quality dental restorations, streamlining our dental services and improving overall patient care.

SprintRay ProWash S

The SprintRay ProWash S streamlines the final steps of dental 3D printing with its efficient cleaning and drying system. Within 9 minutes, it thoroughly washes and dries dental prints, preparing them for patient use. This technology employs mechanical jetting for deep cleaning and a powerful drying feature for immediate use. Integrating the ProWash S into our practice enhances the quality and speed of producing dental restorations, directly benefiting patient care.