Dr. Kavindu Caldera


Dr. Kav is a popular dentist who has lived all his life in WA, completing his primary secondary and tertiary education locally. He is experienced in all aspects of dentistry including placement of implants, orthodontics (Invisalign), root canal treatments, crowns, dentures etc. In particular, he has removed more than 10,000 infected, decayed and/or impacted teeth throughout his career so he knows how to make the process as quick, affordable and comfortable as possible for all his patients.

During his spare time, he is currently also working on artificial intelligence technology to enable patients to get a self-diagnosis of their dental problem from the freedom of their own home enabling more Australians and people around the world to become more educated about their dental issues and get the treatment that they need as quickly as possible.

At home, Kav loves to relax by watching sport on telly, although his wife, two young daughters (and even his dog!) will often hide the remote to get his attention (which we all know he secretly loves!)