Learn More About Missing Crowns and Fillings

Losing a dental filling or crown can bring discomfort to your mouth again. As the nerves and soft tissues inside the tooth are exposed, chewing and biting can be painful.

You may have minor to severe sensitivity that is characterized as a dull ache to a sharp sting in your tooth. The problem is that most people wait until they experience unbearable pain, which worsens the case. Failing dental restorations like this require seeing a dentist whether you feel discomfort or not—otherwise, it can lead to further damage or even result in infection. 

Hills Family Dental Centre provides emergency dental care for lost crowns and fillings; we apply advanced technology in treatments that we use to address such problems. This way, we may have you smiling again in no time and with as minimal discomfort as possible. A skilled dentist is available to carefully assess the structure of the tooth to come up with a treatment plan just for you. At our office, we want you to enjoy foods you love, and having healthy, restored teeth is your way to experience it.

Common Causes of

Missing Crown and Fillings

Chewing hard foods

Biting into hard candy or ice can crack a tooth, causing the filling or crown to fall out.

Grinding your teeth

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can put much pressure on teeth, causing fillings and crowns to loosen over time. If you grind your teeth at night, wearing a mouthguard can help protect your teeth.


A blow to the mouth can cause a tooth to crack or break, resulting in a filling or crown loss.


The underlying tooth structure may be weakened by decay or damage, making it more susceptible to breakage.


If a crown does not fit snugly on a tooth, it may cause recurrent decay and may fall out eventually. The same goes when a tooth filling isn't sufficiently adhered to the tooth.

Neglecting oral hygiene

When you do not brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth. Over time, this can weaken your tooth enamel and lead to the loss of your crown or filling.

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Dental Services that Can
Address Missing Crowns and Fillings

We will promptly replace a crown or fillings that fall out with a new, stronger dental crown.

The dentist would remove the old fillings and debris and begin to prepare the tooth for the new filling.

We’ll first address a present decay and take a new impression of your tooth. Finally, we will check for a comfortable fit and reattach the new crown securely; this should protect the tooth.

It may involve cleaning out the area around the old restoration. Once the tooth is prepared, the new filling will be placed, restoring the function and appearance of your tooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Missing Crowns and Fillings

It may be obvious to know once your crown or filling starts to deteriorate or is lost. But there are possible instances when it’s difficult to determine the problem. Here are the common signs of failing restoration:

  • A sharp pain in your tooth where a crown or filling is attached.

  • There are sharp or uneven edges on your crown or tooth.

  • Frequent cuts or open sores of your tongue and cheek tissue, particularly on the side where you have the dental restoration.

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • You feel significant pain in or within your restored tooth.

  • Food is getting stuck where you had a filling and a crown.

  • You feel a crack or hole in the tooth when you run your tongue.

If you lose a crown or filling, it’s important to find the pieces (if possible) and keep them safe until you see the dentist. Call the office as soon as possible to make an appointment. 

In the meantime, gargle with warm salt water to reduce inflammation and keep out bacteria. Avoid chewing on the area where you lost your crown or filling. You can temporarily protect the tooth by using dental wax available online.

Missing crowns and fillings can be a common problem if you do not care for them. They don’t need any special maintenance, but one way to prevent this is to have good oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily are essential habits. 

It is also important to avoid biting down on hard objects or foods, as this can damage the crown or filling. It would help if you also visited the dentist for regular checkups to catch any problems early.

When lost dental crowns and fillings are not replaced the right way, it can leave your tooth at a high risk of oral problems:

  • Recurrence of tooth decay or cavities.

  • Allows bacteria to grow in the affected tooth.

  • Irreversible damage to the tooth.

  • The need for extensive dental work, such as root canal and tooth extraction.

  • Expose the dentin, which causes sensitivity and is more susceptible to decay.