Experience Member-Centered Cover with CBHS

CBHS is dedicated to providing its members with outstanding care. We understand that dental treatment can be expensive, and we are committed to working to reduce or eliminate the Extras Gap for our members. 

CBHS is a not-for-profit health fund providing benefits to current and former employees, franchisees, and contractors of the Commonwealth Bank Group. We offer a wide range of cover options, and eligible members may have no gap in their dental cover.

Give yourself a healthy smile!

At Hills Family Dental Centre, we believe that every person deserves a healthy smile. We offer a wide range of services, from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, so that we can meet all of your needs. Book an appointment today and see what sets us apart from the competition!

CBHS Preferred Providers
Offer the Following Benefits

No out-of-pocket costs for
selected services

CBHS members may not have to pay
out of pocket for dental examinations,
cleanings, x-rays, or fluoride treatments,
depending on their level of coverage.

Limit-free annual
dental plans

Depending on the cover plan, some
treatments will not be subject to any
limits. This includes general and
preventive dental procedures. Among
the services we offer are extractions,
fillings, and mouthguards.

Simple claiming process

Our system automatically calculates your
claims benefit when you lodge a claim at
your provider's practice or when you lodge
a claim online. Your provider will deduct the
benefit from the cost of the service if you
claim through them.

Service that is fast
and efficient

Online claimants typically receive
their benefits within one to two
business days. Upon submitting your
eClaim, you will receive a confirmation
email. Upon assessment of your claim,
you will receive a benefit remittance.

Numerous trusted providers

With more than 7,500 members, the
organization is dedicated to eliminating
or reducing the gap in the coverage of
Extras services under dental care on
selected procedures.

CBHS Aims to Retain Members for Life

At CBHS, we have one goal: to keep our members for life. We’re a not-for-profit organization, so we’re always looking for ways to give more value, more care, and more support. We’re constantly striving to go above and beyond for our members because we know that’s what it takes to keep them healthy and happy. Whether it’s offering more flexible plans or providing extra care and assistance, we’re always working to improve the experience of being a CBHS member.