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Give your child a brighter future smile at Hills Family Dental Centre. Meet with the children’s dentist in Lesmuride for fun and gentle dental care for your little ones.

A Friendly Children's Dentist for Healthy Teeth Ahead

Children’s dentists focus on providing dental services for infants, children, and adolescents. They received specific training and are thus knowledgeable about the growth and development of the oral cavity in young patients. A kid’s dentist uses a fun and gentle approach in their dental appointments to help children feel relaxed during their dental appointments.

At Hills Family Dental Centre, our team of children’s dentists is looking forward to helping your child develop healthy habits that can help them achieve a healthy smile as early as possible. Your child deserves exceptional dental care— book an appointment with us today!

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Reasons why you need a Children's Dentist

  • A children’s dentist can check for early signs of oral diseases, preventing them from progressing.

  • Parents can get helpful insights about the proper way to care for their little one’s oral health.

  • A child’s dentist is well-versed in providing preventative care and treatment plans suitable for kids.

  • Bringing kids to the children’s dentist can help promote better oral health as they can monitor the development of their primary and permanent teeth.

  • They can check the bite and alignment of your kid’s growing teeth.

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Book an appointment at Hills Family Dental Centre today and experience why we have been the trusted dentist in Kalamunda for over 30 years and have been servicing thousands of happy patients since we opened. Our dental clinic is proud to be family-oriented, and we welcome patients of all ages.

Why Choose Hills Family Dental Centre

Hills Family Dental Centre takes pride in offering comprehensive dental care for kids, and we love to work with young patients!
We understand that many people, both young and old, can feel anxious about visiting the dentist.
We use modern and latest dental technology in our office, which allows us to provide the best possible care for your child.
We offer a wide range of payment options, including cash, cheque, debit, and credit.
We are an ADA accredited dental practice, which means that we meet the highest standards of care.

We always aim to create a welcoming environment in our dental clinic so kids can feel at home and build trust with us.

Every dental team member is passionate about accommodating you during your dental appointment, and we take the time to create a bond with our patients.

Our dental clinic is equipped with cutting-edge dentistry, allowing us to provide reliable and less invasive dental treatments for children.

We use modern equipment, such as digital X-rays, to get precise images of oral structure for better diagnosis and to rule out any signs of problems.

A wide range of payment options is available at Hills Family Dental Centre to get the necessary treatment for your child. We are also pleased to accept health funds and participate in government schemes to help reduce treatment costs, making quality dental care more accessible.

The Australian Dental Association accredits Hills Family Dental Centre, and we comply with strict guidelines for the continuous improvement of our dental clinic.

We adhere to only high standards of dental care, securing reliability and enhancing quality services.

We Accept All Health Funds and
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Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Dentist

At Hills Family Dental Centre, we advise parents to bring their child for a dental check-up every six to twelve months, according to the Australian Dental Association. Visiting a caring dentist can allow you to check your little one’s teeth, gums, tongue, mouth, and lips. We can be able to see early signs of a problem and provide treatment when necessary. This way, you can better protect your child’s oral health.

As a parent, you play a significant role in making your child’s dental appointment enjoyable. Here are some ways you can prepare for their visit:

  • Talk to them.
    It’s important that you talk with your child about the dentist using kid-friendly terms to avoid scaring them. This helps them set expectations and lessen their worry.

  • Avoid referring dentist as a punishment.
    Don’t talk negatively about the dentist, such as implementing negative punishment when your kid doesn’t brush their teeth. It will only create a barrier between them, preventing them from building trust with the dentist.

  • Use only child-friendly language.
    Use words that are easy for them to understand, such as tooth fairy and tooth picture. Avoid using terms like needle, drill, or pull, as they can be terrifying for children.

  • Role play.
    Pretend you are the dentist and your child is the patient, or play alternate roles. Use dental toys to show them what dental check-ups can look like.

  • Let the dentist explain.
    Help them set expectations, but let the kids dentist explain the details during their visits. Children’s dentists are highly trained to work with kids and are skilled in employing techniques appropriate for young patients.

Yes, there are recommended ways to keep your child’s teeth clean to lower the risk of oral diseases, such as the following:

  • Wipe your child’s gums using a clean, damp cloth after every feeding, even before the development of their primary teeth.

  • When they already have baby teeth, use an infant toothbrush to brush their teeth gently. Remember to use only a very small amount of toothpaste (the size of a rice grain).

  • Use baby toothpaste with or without fluoride. Please ask your child’s dentist at Hills Family Dental Centre for recommended products.

  • Children aged three and up can use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when brushing their teeth. Try to start teaching them the proper way to brush.

  • Always supervise your child when brushing their teeth to avoid swallowing toothpaste or hurting them.
Invest in good-quality mouthguards to protect your kid’s teeth when engaging in sports or strenuous activities. A children’s dentist can provide custom-made mouthguards so they can fit snuggly to their teeth by cushioning strong impacts that can fracture the teeth. Please consult us at Hills Family Dental Centre; we have different types of mouthguards that can help prevent tooth injuries and protect your child’s oral health.
Fluoride treatment is preventative care for tooth decay and cavities. The dentist applies it to each tooth enamel to help strengthen the teeth. It is generally recommended for children who are highly susceptible to such dental problems, but it isn’t always necessary. The decision about whether your child needs the treatment will depend on their unique oral needs. You can consult the kid’s dentist at Hills Family Dental Centre to learn more about the benefits of fluoride and have them assess your child’s teeth.