Dentures in Lesmurdie

Dentures are removable dental appliances that sit over the gums to replace a few missing teeth or an entire arch of teeth. They are commonly composed of artificial teeth attached to a plastic base that looks like gums. These dental prosthetics are securely supported by suction of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth and denture adhesive and are fabricated using the patient’s unique oral structure for comfortable fitting.

At Hills Family Dental Centre, we take pride in offering a range of denture services tailored to our patient’s specific needs. Our dental team has extensive experience in crafting well-made dentures; hence, they can provide efficient and long-lasting treatment results. We combine our skills with advancements in dentistry and quality materials to create comfortable and natural-looking dentures.

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Common Dental Problems that
Dentures Can Address

We offer dentures as a restorative treatment whether you’re dealing with missing teeth or bite problems. Explore how our restorative treatment at Hills Family Dental Centre can help restore your smile and support your chewing function.

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The dental professionals at Hills Family Dental Centre bring decades of experience in the field of denture prosthetics.
Hills Family Dental Centre is facilitated by the latest advancements in dentistry to create high-quality dentures.
Our dental clinic offers various payment options to get the dental care you deserve at a manageable expense.
Hills Family Dental Centre is accredited by the ADA in compliance with maintaining our quality of care.

We introduce here a gentle approach when accommodating our patients’ oral health care needs. Our friendly team of dentists and staff members takes the time to listen to your concerns and provide personalised care. This way, they can feel comfortable during visits to our dental clinic.

Our qualified team understand the importance of receiving dental care in a welcoming environment. Hence, we put effort into creating one for your better experience.

Dental professionals here perform the procedure of dentures with the use of digital scanning to get precise dental impressions and rule out any signs of oral diseases. From this, we can create more personalised and reliable treatment plans.

In addition, we are passionate about broadening our knowledge in restorative dentistry to continue improving the dentures we offer so our patients can smile again with confidence.

We accept various health funds and participate in government dental schemes to help reduce the cost of your dentures. You can ease up your mind from worrying about high upfront costs. Our friendly staff can guide you through further details about our payment options.

Everyone deserves better oral health, and we believe it starts with accessible dental services at Hills Family Dental Centre.

Our dental clinic passed the strict regulations and standards the Australia Dental Association implemented. This means we follow recommended infection control guidelines and improvement of dental procedures for patient safety.

We take pride in our accreditation to continue providing quality dentures so everyone can have better oral health and a complete smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Dentures

There are various types of dentures, and the most suitable option for you depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Here are some kinds of dentures you might want to consider for your missing teeth:

  • Full dentures.
    They are also called complete dentures, which replace an entire arch of teeth, hence the name. Denture adhesive may be necessary to keep full dentures secure, as they only rest on the gums and rely on the roof of your mouth for suction.

  • Partial dentures.
    This type of denture is recommended if you are missing several or a few teeth. Partial dentures have metal clasps that are attached to your remaining teeth for stability.

  • Immediate dentures.
    These are dental appliances that a dentist gives to patients the same day after a tooth extraction procedure. They are only temporary and will only last for several months while waiting for the arrival of permanent dentures.

  • Implant-retained dentures.
    The gums and jawbone ridge supports traditional dentures, but implant-retained dentures are supported by dental implants placed into the jawbone beneath the gums. They are also removable but can offer better stability and a long-lasting alternative for tooth replacement.

  • Implant-supported dentures.
    Dental implants also anchor implant-supported dentures, but they are fixed and not removable.
Dentures are generally safe and are made with high-quality materials. The materials used are non-toxic to the mouth and less likely to cause adverse effects. The common concern with dentures is the potential inflammation and infection of the gums, which may happen when poor-fitting or loose dentures rub against the tissues in the palate (roof of the mouth) or gums.
Dentures are meant to be worn all day so they can serve their purpose of replacing your teeth and supporting your chewing. The consistent wearing of your artificial teeth can help prevent altering the proper fit and get your mouth used to them. The only time you need to take off your dentures is at night to give your gums and oral tissues a rest. But if it’s your first time receiving dentures, you may need to wear them all day, even while sleeping. Consider asking this during your dental appointment at Hills Family Dental Centre so the dentist can discuss further the don’ts and dos about the wearing time of your dental prosthetics.

It’s important that you keep your dentures clean to minimise the risk of tooth decay, oral infection, and gum disease. Here are some ways to keep them clean:

  • Take off your dentures after you eat and give them a thorough rinsing to dislodge stuck food debris.

  • Brush every corner and surface of your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use only mild toothpaste to clean your dental prosthetics and teeth.

  • If you use denture adhesive, brush the grooves of your dentures to dislodge the residue of the glue.

  • When cleaning your dentures, place a towel or a basin filled with water in the sink so that when your false teeth fall, they won’t break.

  • Deep clean your conventional dentures by soaking them in cleaning agents every night.

  • Remember to practise good oral hygiene so your teeth are also clean when wearing dentures.

Studies suggest relining dentures once every 12 months; they found that regular relining can enhance the longevity of dentures.

A denture reline is necessary to maintain the proper fit, as the jawbone can change shape over the years of tooth loss. Unable to adjust your dental prosthetics can lead to a loose or tight fit, making them more difficult to wear.

Generally speaking, dentures are one of the least expensive tooth replacements. But it still varies depending on the type of dentures you prefer. Complete dentures can cost more than partial dentures; implant dentures can come at a higher cost than traditional dentures. Here are the following estimated costs depending on each type:

  • Full dentures (upper and lower arch): $2,600 to $6,800

  • Full dentures (upper arch): $1,725 to $3,400

  • Partial dentures: $1,050 to $1,700

  • Immediate dentures: $1,050 to $1,900

  • Implant-retained dentures: $4,900 to $15,000

  • Implant-supported dentures: $6,700 to $20,000

These are only the average cost of dentures. Considering the difference in cost based on the individual cases, the dental clinic’s location, and the type of denture, consulting the Hills Family Dental Centre’s dentist can give you a specific estimated cost.

If you have a private health fund and have major dental extras, you can expect them to pay for the cost of your dentures. Remember that every policy varies, so we highly recommend contacting your health fund provider to review your dental cover. Comparing policies can also help you determine which health fund may work for you.