Teeth Whitening in Lesmurdie

Tooth discolouration can make a smile look dull, but there’s a way to address this problem and make your teeth brighter.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that reduces the discolouration of teeth. It involves applying bleaching agents to each tooth surface to make teeth appear a few shades lighter. Dental professionals are well-trained to perform this process, so they can efficiently make your smile radiant.

Hills Family Dental Centre offers professional teeth whitening to make your dream smile a reality. You can consult our dental team and discuss the options you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us to start your treatment and show off your dazzling smile!

Common Dental Problems that
Teeth Whitening Can Address

Professional teeth whitening is one way to enhance your smile appearance. Here at Hills Family Dental Centre, we use cutting-edge technology when performing this treatment to provide more efficient results.

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We have a team of gentle dentists here at Hills Family Dental Centre that aims to provide a comfortable and relaxed setting during your teeth whitening appointment. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your tooth colour, you’ve come to the right place!
Your smile and oral health are our major priorities at Hills Family Dental Centre.
Our professional teeth whitening is innovative to achieve long-lasting and efficient results.
We understand that every patient has unique needs and a different budget for dental care.
Hills Family Dental Centre is recognised by the Australian Dental Centre, which means we meet standards of quality dental treatment.

The dental professionals here have skills worth decades of experience in teeth whitening procedures. We comprehensively assess your teeth before the treatment to customise a care plan designed for your specific needs.

Our dental team is passionate about accommodating your needs and making you feel at home during your visit.

We use recent techniques, formulations, and advanced tools when performing teeth whitening. This allows us to create concise treatment plans and deliver reliable treatments.

Moreover, we remain updated with the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Patients can feel confident that they are in good hands here.

In light of this, you can choose from our wide range of payment plans to help you manage the cost of teeth whitening treatment. With this flexibility, quality dental care can be more accessible to everyone.

We will be delighted to discuss these options and find what works for you.

We are committed to improving our dental services by adhering to a set of protocols developed by the ADA. Our accreditation allows us to build a good reputation for exceptional oral care.

In addition, we only use methods and standards supported by the dental association. This allows us to reduce potential risks and maximise optimal results efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Question
About Teeth Whitening

Different types of teeth whitening are as follows:

  • Professional teeth whitening.
    The treatment uses a high amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is the ingredient that provides whitening effects to the teeth. It can be customised based on the patient’s preferences for achieving a certain level of whiteness.

  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening.
    This type of teeth whitening can be found in local markets in the form of whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, strips, and whitening gels. They contain lower concentrations of bleaching agents and may not provide whitening effects as quickly as professional teeth whitening.

  • DIY teeth whitening.
    A dentist can provide DIY teeth whitening kits that can be used at home. Since a dental professional provides them, they can be custom-made and contain ingredients that are generally safe for consumers.
The active ingredient used in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide, which is applied to the surface of the tooth. It is activated by a specific type of light or UV to help break down the stains on the enamel surface. This process is responsible for lightening the shades of the teeth and making them appear brighter.

The effects of teeth whitening treatment can vary from person to person and are determined by different factors, including the type of procedure you prefer and your lifestyle habits. The results of over-the-counter teeth whitening may only last as little as two weeks to four months or so (depending on the type).

On the other hand, professional or in-office teeth whitening can provide more long-lasting effects than other alternatives, which may last for six months to three years. However, the whitening effects may wear off quickly if you smoke or do not practise proper oral hygiene. Taking care of your brighter teeth and attending regular dental appointments are important.

You need to avoid eating foods that are acidic and dark in colour as well as drinking dark-coloured beverages to prevent stains from accumulating on your newly whitened teeth. This includes tomato-based pasta and sauce, curry, fruit juice, wine, coffee, and tea. These contain dark pigments that can remain in your teeth, making them appear yellowish or discoloured.

Instead, opt for lighter-coloured foods and drinks, such as white pasta, bread, leafy vegetables, rice, cucumbers, and bananas. Your teeth can be more susceptible to staining after teeth whitening; hence, it’s important to keep these in mind so you can enjoy a beautiful, glowing smile for a long time.

The cost is determined by different factors, which means it varies based on your unique case. On average, in-chair teeth whitening may cost $200 per tooth, while take-home teeth whitening provided by your dentist may start at $400 per arch.

Determining the cost of teeth whitening can be challenging as it varies widely. We encourage you to make a dental appointment at Hills Family Dental Centre for a consultation to discuss cost estimates specific to your needs.